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About Us

We're proud of our team! They're the best in the business!

Locations and Hours

Mailing Address / Walk In

1027 Grand Street - Unit #133
Brooklyn, New York 11211

WEEKDAYS9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday *[By Request]
Sunday*[By Request]

Note: Please call before coming in on weekends as we don't always have staff on-site.

Our Story

Who Are We?

Lightbulb Rentals is an equipment rental house that caters to small-to-medium size shoots in NYC by teaching, building, and encouraging a community of independent filmmakers from diverse backgrounds. We're big supporters of offering equitable opportunities to women, LGBT, and marginalized community members, and helping get passion projects off the ground.

Our Beginning

Adam and David started Lightbulb in Early 2016. They saw an overwhelming demand for hardware, paired with a lack of opportunities for young filmmakers to access clean, well-maintained equipment in NYC.  Lightbulb started out in a mini-storage in Williamsburg, not far from our current warehouse. We have kept our commitments to only send out equipment we are proud of.

Constantly Growing

Since then, we have built the company up to offer over 5,000 rental items that comprise 20,000 barcodes. Our system is completely paperless and eco-friendly, which is great for producers trying to keep track of a busy shoot schedule and a lot of paperwork.

Meet our Team

Adam Richlin
Adam Richlin
David Finn

Cell: (518) 248-6476

Jessica O'Brien

Office: (516) 515-1514

Sam Titus

Office: 516 515 1514

Alphonse Silvestri

Office: (516) 515-1514

Our Team Values

Only the best will do

Our team’s standards of excellence are incredibly high for an equipment rental house. We keep track of every customer’s rental with individual care (even at scale) and proudly declare our performance accuracy on the front page of our website. Our team takes execution perfection above and beyond our competitors. If we make a mistake, we also take it seriously. Errors happen so rarely that they almost always mean team meetings to figure out how we can improve our process, and make sure that same error never happens again.

Embrace technology

We enjoy using technology to make our customer rental experience smoother and more flexible, while also making our team more accurate and efficient. We are pushing the technology boundaries in every aspect of our company; from dynamic paperwork, 100% paperless rentals, to using multi-state barcode technology in inventory management. We’ll keep pushing our industry forward with new processes and finding better ways of getting the job done. 

Efficiency should be comfortable

We like to say that “We use computers to help automate simple actions faster, which gives our humans time to make complex decisions more easily” By automating our processes and having computers handle basic processes like data entry quickly and accurately, that gives our staff so much more time to handle complex concepts that cannot be automated. (Like creating excellent customer interactions!)

Our priority in creating efficiency is never to squeeze more output from our staff, rather it’s to separate the tasks that waste our team’s time from the tasks that our humans really need to focus on. Less process noise always yields a better work environment for our team. 

We'll meet you at your level

Great customer communication is a balance of mutual respect and meeting expectations.

If you’re a student, we’ll support you to make sure you’re confident in using the hardware and aren’t missing necessary items on your order.

If you’re an experienced DP, we’ll have a different conversation and talk photometrics and work with your department heads to make sure your order is exactly what you need.

Your experience with our rentals team always will be tailored to fit your needs, how you communicate, and your timeline.

Teams are people first

We think about our team members as partners for the long term. Investing in our team and supporting them are monumental priorities. Our Core Team strength always takes priority; above customers and above accounting. We see our team members as humans who have families, emotions, need to take vacations, and have last-minute doctor’s appointments. We invest in seeing our team grow by offering flexibility and equitable support at an individual level.

Make an impact

Investing in our community reaffirms our relationships with our customers. It creates trust, loyalty, and good will.

We have built Lightbulb Grip with profits from our customers, and it should not be a one-way transaction. Our team invests back into passion art projects, community activism, creating individual access to resources for underprivileged areas, and making strides to improve the Brooklyn community.

We lift our community from below

We know that if we want to reach better customers, part of our responsibility is to help *make* better customers. Teaching film-related skills, team leadership, equipment skills, networking events, and more are part of our commitment to educating the film community. We do our best to keep events free or low-cost to make them accessible to the *entire* community.

Work With Us

We're always looking for skilled staff!

Our warehouse and rental teams are constantly growing.

We are looking to grow our staff with diverse backgrounds.

We look for detail-oriented, organized, and energetic crew members.

Warehouse: Hourly Labor

This position requires full mobility, and being able to bend-and-lift 50lbs from floor to shoulder height repeatedly during a workday.

Warehouse Crew are a critical part of our warehouse operations team. They scan items in and out, perform quality control tests, inventory hardware, assist customers, and maintain/repair our equipment.

Warehouse Hourly Labor positions are open on a first-come-first-serve basis, and are scheduled as overflow labor is required. We are not always hiring, but we do collect resumes to call in crew as-needed.


Prepare orders: Pull equipment from our stock and assemble them in preparation for checkout.

Manage Inventory: Scan items into the system, and scan them out. Manage customer order status and enter details into the online system.

Assist Clients at Checkout

Inspect and Test return items. This includes cleaning, inspecting, sorting, refurbishing, repairing, and noting damage in our logs.

Schedule and perform Maintenance: Service, clean and support used hardware as per the Warehouse Manager's instructions.

Update Digital Records for inventory and Clients

Update Inventory records for new equipment and equipment being decommissioned

General Office Assistance


A college degree is not required.

This position WILL hire rehabilitated persons that have state or federal records on a case-by-case basis.

Emphasis on punctuality and consistency of execution. We want staff that can be detailed in their work, and handle stressful sitautions effectively.

Friendly and approachable demeanor, with strong and articulate communication skills.

Ability to multitask in a digital and changing work environment.

Patience with customers and coworkers.

Previous rental house experience is a benefit, but not required. Please mention, if applicable

To Apply:

Email David Finn, our Warehouse Manager. Please make sure to list your availability, your interest in this specific position, and your relevant experience.

Please note, due to the volume of responses received, we only reply to resumes within the week that we need to hire. You may not hear from us for a bit, but we'll reach out when we need some hands!

We are not currently accepting new applications for our Rental Team. Thank you for your interest!