About Lightbulb Grip

Lightbulb Grip and Electric Co is a Brooklyn-based rental house that services the Film and TV industry throughout the East Coast. We pride ourselves on clean, functioning equipment at a reasonable price.

Our team is focused on bringing the rental world into the 21st century by turning Lightbulb Grip into a completely paperless company. This is both great for the environment, and also means customers can do all of their paperwork on a phone in seconds without ever touching a printer. 

Better tech means better service for customers, near-zero error rates, faster prep times, and reliable workflows to make sure you get every piece of gear in great condition, on time, on every job. 

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How We Integrate

One of our key competitive advantages is how fast and efficiently we integrate with online technologies. For example, take a look at how we’ve grown using Current RMS rental software. Our whole system is cloud-based, itemized, barcoded, integrated, and keeps our customers updated every step of the way! Check it out: