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Lightbulb Grip relies on the power & flexibility of Current RMS as a core system that manages our staff, jobs, quoting, billing, crew hires, barcoding, scanning, maintenance, documents, and client communication through the Cloud. Current RMS works universally on laptops, phones, iPads, Surfaces, and anywhere you can get a WiFi signal on-the-go.

You may have seen the little “Current” logo in the bottom corner of emails from Lightbulb Grip staff. This is the powerhouse behind everything we do.

We have been active and invested users of Current RMS’s platform since 2016. We have grown with them through dozens of rounds of feature rollouts and integrated them into our workflow one by one.

Take a look at the CurrentRMS Spotlight on Lightbulb Grip

CurrentRMS’s all-digital interface has helped Lightbulb Grip become a 100% paperless and PDF-Free company. The largest amount of paper we deal with is Post-Its on our employee’s desks…and the paper that other rental houses give us. That’s it.

We send our dynamically-updating paperwork digitally, we have our staff prep and scan orders digitally, we receive signed paperwork digitally, and we follow up by email. No paper needed!

Current RMS has also helped Lightbulb Grip become more efficient by minimizing errors and redundant processes. Lightbulb Grip maintained a 3.84% error rate in 2019 out of 2000+ completed jobs, which is the lowest published error rate in our industry. A big part of that success is our ability to track, prep, and check orders with incredible detail and create repeatable workflows that make processes faster for clients & our staff.

To us, an important part of creating a thriving community for Current RMS is helping train others in how to use the software in their specific offices. Whether you’re working in Film, TV, Lighting, Camera, Entertainment, Live Events, Sound, or Props, you can benefit from working with Current RMS.

Please note that Lightbulb Grip is an independent training service, as Current does not offer a formal model for client training. We offer independent training based on our extensive experience of processing thousands of projects through Current, and our internal team’s growth over the last few years.

Training Modules:

We’re now offering customized training solutions for small and medium size rental suppliers for all types of industry. We will spend some time discussing your team’s needs, the pain points, and how we can help you automate, track, and organize your data better with Current RMS.

Every company needs to fix unique issues with their workflows. Feel free to explore the modules below, and get in touch if you need a specific problem solved, or if you want to plan a day to accomplish several topics. We usually recommend you select a group of modules to create 4-6hr training days with your team. If you’re not sure where to start we are happy to advise!

Training TopicsSkillHrs
Wide-topic Intro to CurrentRMS – After CurrentRMS Trial★☆☆3.0
Basics of Quoting, Booking, and
Sending Dynamic Rental Documents
Establishing Warehouse Organization and
Workflow for Digital Model
Products, Inventory, Availability, Creating
Kits, and Managing Hardware
Crew, Labor, Services, and Vehicles★☆☆0.5
Customers, Clients and Participants Workflow★☆☆0.5
Barcoding and Scanning Workflow for
Warehouse Teams
Setting up & Managing Sales Tax, Pricing,
Surcharges, and Discounts
Custom Variables and Storing New Data in Opportunities★★☆2-5
Discussions, Email, and Communicating
with your Customers

Using Reports to Gather Data
(integrating CurrentRMS Reports and Google Sheets)
Document Templates and Customizing Appearances★★★1.0
Damaged Equipment, Lost items,
and Handling Quarantined Equipment

Deeper than Tutorials

If you need help understanding how to build better conceptual workflows in your business and connect your teams in new ways, then that’s what our training is for. We look at your shop’s setup, how you handle everything from billing to barcodes, and help you figure out how to make your team work more efficiently through automation.

Reasonable Pricing

Training takes many forms. We’re happy to work with you to find a solution that fits your team’s needs and timeframe.

In the NY/NJ/PA/CT/MA area, we can offer on-site training for the management team or an entire crew starting at $400/hr (plus travel and lodging). Most users can accomplish 6 hours of training per day maximum.

For teams elsewhere in the world, we can offer Video conference training starting at $200/hr with your team joining in the conference as needed.

The Savings adds up fast: If we can shave 30 minutes off of your warehouse team’s daily task routine, times 250 workdays per year, then the training will save $1875 per employee. If you train 6 managers and employees at once, that will save you almost $11,250.

What could you do with 10% more work time and $10,000+ every year?

Meet Your Coach

Adam Richlin is the Rental Manager at Lightbulb Grip, and is also a professional educator. Adam has hosted over one hundred of filmmaking events and lead workshops at Lightbulb Grip that discuss professional lighting skills, leadership skills, and community building. Adam has also volunteered his time to teach filmmaking classes to middle school and high school students through Citizen Schools from 2014-2018. Citizen Schools is a nonprofit group that supports underprivileged communities by bringing professionals in various careers into public schools to enrich their curriculums. Through this education work, Adam has been awarded the Gold US Presidential Volunteer Service Award for Innovation in Education three times.

Past CurrentRMS Advising + Training Clients

  • – On-Site Team Training
  • New York City Camera Company –On-Site Team Training
  • Brooklyn Camera Collective – On-Site Manager Training
  • Stillking Films, Czech Republic
  • 718 Studios -On-Site Manager Training
  • Intense Sound & Vision, New Zealand

Why Offer Training?

Lightbulb Grip is working on changing the world of rentals by creating a seamless workflow for clients without needing to ever deal with a PDF. We need more companies to offer a similar workflow to get our clients used to do this new model. As of right now, Current RMS is the only rental software that offers this level of cloud integration with live updates and dynamic documents.

Join us in changing how the industry operates, bit by bit!

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