Hudson Spider Redback Deluxe Kit

Kit contains:

1 x REDBACK Head, Hybrid Bicolor. Aluminum Fixture with 3456 LED’s.

1 x Parabolic Backing. 36” Octagon.

2 x Diffusions for Parabolic mode. Magic and 1/2 Grid. 36” Octagon..

1 x Diffusion storage bag.

1 x Ballast. LiteDimmer DUO 400 Hybrid 2600-6000k, 400w, 24v, LumenRadio., 4ch.

1 x Neutrik PowerCon cable.

1 x Head feeder. 23’

1 x Baby pin for mounting fixture to any grip head. Length 5” Diameter.5/8”.

1 x Lightweight Umbrella. 72” diameter by Westcott. White bounce, Silver bounce or Diffusion.

1 x Umbrella mount.

1 x Case with custom foam insert by SKB.

Accessories included:

1 x TEASER for Parabolic Mode. 180 Degree rigid fabric teaser.

1 x LCD for Parabolic Mode. 50 degree. Fabric Honeycomb. 36” Octagon.


To rig you will require a 5/8 receiver, usually the grip head of a C-Stand.

Daily Rate

Weekly Rate