Brooklyn & Queens

$100 Round Trip
$75 One Way

Manhattan, Far BK, Far QNS

$150 Round Trip
$125 One Way

Bronx, Nassau, Staten Island

$200 Round Trip
$175 One Way

Yonkers, Westchester

$250+ Round Trip, +milage
$200+ One Way, +milage

New Jersey, CT, PA, LI

$250+ Round Trip, +milage
$200+ One Way, +milage

14' Truck Delivery: +$175/Day

Big jobs require big vehicles. If your order is too large for our van, then we'll get a truck to make sure the delivery goes smoothly. Most rentals will fit in a 14' Truck, but we'll let you know if your order requires a bigger vehicle!

Long Distance: $0.65/mi

The term “+milage” above means “Plus Milage and Tolls.” Tolls are calculated at cash-value for a Class 2B Com vehicle (which may be more than a standard car) and milage is billed at 0.65/mi via the truck route that the vehicle took. Gas is included. Deliveries to NYC 5-boroughs addresses already include milage/gas/tolls.

After Hours: $75/Hr

If you need gear, we’ll get it to you. Our standard hours are 9 AM- 5 PM M-F, excluding weekends and national holidays. We offer pickup/dropoff for other hours with a $75 after-hours fee per hour on each pickup. A round-trip job where both are outside of standard hours starts at 2 x $75/hr.


We offer free tandem gear pickups from these local vendors, along with your Lightbulb order!


Our after-hours program means that whenever you need gear picked up or dropped off, we'll have skilled technicians ready to help. 24/7. 


Have questions about your gear? Need tech support?

Talk to our team any time by calling our office

Delivery Standard Agreement

For the safety of your staff and our crew, we have a few standard rules:

Standard Delivery and Pickup times are 9am-5pm M-F, excluding weekends and national holidays. We offer After Hours service for all other times (including holidays). If you need gear, we’ll get it to you.

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