Podcasts & Reading Materials

We love reading and watching educational content about filmmaking! We made a list to share some of our favorites with you. Our staff has nominated these sources as the highest-quality content.

New blogs, podcasts and forums are added on a rolling basis, so be sure to check back soon!

For technical documents and reference, see Tech Docs.

GRIP TIPS: Grip Video Tutorials

Dave Donaldson Teaches fast and solid lessons

Dave Donaldson goes on an exploration of the grip and lighting world in short, 3-minute episodes. He picks a topic, digs into it, shows you the parts, how to assemble them, and a live demo of the day’s tool in action on a set. His videos are always funny, simple-to-grasp, and great for beginners looking to learn new skills, one topic at a time.


Wide Range of Content, Easy Reading

Features a wide array of articles and videos, from reviews and analysis of movies, recently-released and classics alike, and shows (and trailers and commercials!) to interviews with industry professionals to news about the latest gear. As its name implies, this is for those without a background in film, so even articles about tech are brief and don’t use especially technical language.



Evan Bourcier’s Unique Discussions With Indie DP/Dir Friends

Primarily features articles written by different DPs about how they approached lighting, shooting, and grading various projects and what tools they used to do so. Most articles feature graded stills, diagrams of how scenes are being lit (what units are playing and where, how light’s being shaped, etc.), and, if that’s not enough, BTS. Some articles require more technical proficiency than others, especially where color science is concerned.


The Man Who Made The Movies You Love

Legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins’ website most-notably features lighting diagrams for his work on the Coen Brothers’s and Denis Villeneuve’s films and a forum on which you can ask Deakins himself questions about lighting and camera. There are also forums for other topics, but it doesn’t seem that Deakins is as active on these. There’s a search feature if you’re looking for something in particular (oftentimes, people are asking about how he approached a specific shot or scene ), otherwise you can browse at your leisure. Membership (which is free!) is required to view the diagrams and post on the forums, but anyone can read them.

CAM NOIR: Audio Podcast

Ben and Illya interview famous DP’s, Audio Podcast

Home of The Cinematography Podcast, a series of interviews with, you guessed it, cinematographers whose work ranges from feature films to reality TV and everything in between. Hosts Ben and Illya get right to interviewing their guests, who respond to stock questions about how they got their start in the camera department, who their influences, how they shot some of their most famous work, etc. in a conversational manner. The language is not too technical, making this as accessible and enjoyable for those who are just starting out in the industry as it is for seasoned veterans.

CREATIVE COW: Research Blog


Features video tutorials and articles primarily on post-production workflows, but what makes Creative Cow stand out from the crowd are its forums. If you’ve got a post-production problem neither you nor your usual go-tos can figure out, a Google search for the problem, including the words “creativecow,” often yields excellent results.


Art Adams shines As a masterful article writer

Also features articles, videos, and the occasional podcast from various industry professionals, but this one is for people who do have a background in film. Art Adams has a lot of great articles about lenses of course (he’s “a cinema lens specialist at ARRI, Inc.”), but be sure to check out his writing on monitors and color science, too, and Steven Hullfish’s “Art of the Cut,” a series of transcribed interviews with editors.


Fresh Advice for Gear Owners & Industry Updates

If you’re not familiar with KitSplit, this site has been described as “the AirBnB of cameras” because of the way it’s democratized rentals. It’s also streamlined the process, facilitating communication between those looking to rent and gear owners, from owner/operators to rental houses. And there’s more than just cameras and lenses – equipment for sound and grip & electric are on offer, as well as specialty movement gear. KitSpit’s blog is Viewfinder, featuring articles written by KitSplit’s managers and rental agents (in addition to the usual guest industry professionals). While the blog features the equipment reviews, how-tos, and tips and tricks that are a staple of blogs about film and television, Viewfinder also has compilations of real resources for indie filmmakers, such as lists of festivals, grants and funding, fellowships and residencies, and much more, often-times highlighting opportunities for minorities in the industry.