Rental Delivery!

If you are picking up an order at Lightbulb’s warehouse and looking for directions, please see the Contact Us page.

Lightbulb Grip now offers Rental Delivery and Pickup! We have added a large Ford Transit cargo van with lift gate to our inventory.

We offer pickup/dropoff between 9AM and 6PM, Monday thru Friday for Standard rates. (Important: These are not our office hours, they are only our driver’s hours.)

Most of Brooklyn,
Most of Queens
Far Rockaway,
Brighton Beach,
Queens Beyond Rt678
Bronx, Nassau LI175.00175.00200.00
Staten Island175.00175.00200.00
New Jersey200.00+mi*200.00+mi*250.00+mi*
All Areas Beyond 200.00+mi*200.00+mi*250.00+mi*
+ 75.00/hr+75.00/hr+75.00/hr
on each end
14′ Truck Fee+ 175.00+175.00+175.00 per day

The term “+mi” above means “Plus Milage and Tolls.” Tolls are calculated at cash-value for a Class 2B Commercial vehicle (which may be more than a standard passenger vehicle) and milage is billed at 0.65/mi via the truck route that the vehicle took. Gas is included in the milage. Deliveries to NYC 5-boroughs addresses already include milage/gas/tolls.

Delivery Standard Agreement

We offer Pickup and Dropoffs with the following expectations:

  • Standard Delivery and Pickup times are 9am-6pm M-F, excluding weekends and national holidays. We offer After Hours service for all other times (including holidays). If you need gear, we’ll get it to you.
  • After Hours Pickups/Returns: We offer pickup/dropoff for other hours with a $75 after-hours fee per hour on each pickup. A round-trip job where both are outside of standard hours starts at 2 x $75.00/hr
  • Deliveries and Pickups are curbside only. For insurance reasons, we cannot enter your shooting location with equipment, or to take equipment back out for a pickup. Your agent must bring the equipment to the curbside.
  • Multi-Day Shoots: A Round Trip pickup/return does not have to be same day to get the Round Trip rate. You can schedule them independently and still get the discount. If a 14′ truck is necessary, that rate is Per 24hr Period.
  • All items shipped must be received on the other end. There will be no rejections from the order (unless a mistake is made on our end). This specifically applies to our pre-built equipment packages.
  • Truck orders will be shipped in Hampers and Carts when possible. Please make sure your location can store hampers, as we cannot always take them back in the van.
  • Changes in pickup/dropoff schedule must be announced 3 hours in advance. Please let us know if your shoot is running late or ending early.
  • Unexpected Rush pickups are subject to an additional fee.
  • Long returns are subject to an additional fee (meaning making the driver wait more than 30 mins past the scheduled time to begin loading.)
  • Crew are not allowed to enter Lightbulb’s vehicle, whether for loading or riding. We cannot accept passengers or guests by state law.
  • We offer free equipment tandem pickups for the following suppliers. If you need us to pickup hardware from these suppliers, you must provide us a final copy of their gear list 48hrs in advance of the order. Equipment pickups are subject to available cargo space after Lightbulb loads their hardware.