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Office Hours

Open from 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Friday

(Closed most National Holidays)

The Rental Process

Every order follows the same process:

Request A Quote

Use our convenient Get A Quote feature to submit a gear list and ask us for pricing. Tell us about when you want to rent, how large of a budget you are working with, and if you need any local vendors, delivery or crew.

Confirm your Quote

Check your quote for any notes on the equipment we are offering, and make sure everything you requested looks just the way it should. Approve your quote online in seconds from any digital device!

Sign, Pay, & Insure

We make it simple to securely sign the rental agreement, pay for your order through our Payment Portal, and then submit a Certificate of Insurance. (We can advise you on insurance!)

Pickup Your Gear

Come to the shop at your assigned pickup time to grab your gear! Go make your movie and have a great time!

What Do I Need to Rent from Lightbulb?

Equipment Insurance

We expect customers to purchase their own rented equipment insurance policy from a reputable US Insurance vendor. Customers must provide us a copy before checking any hardware out of the warehouse.

Your rental agreement will include a total of the cost to replace all of the items in the event of theft or damage. This will tell you how much coverage you will need to get for the project.

For Production Insurance, we recommend Athos Insurance, InsureMyEquipment, and Wrapbook. Please reach out to them directly for a policy!

Payment by Credit/Debit Card

We have an easy-to-use Lightbulb Payment Portal. We will send you a link to fill out a quick form with your card's information, and then payment will be processed immediately.

You will receive an email copy of the receipt for your records, and your job's final invoice will reflect those payments.


Gear can be tough to move. Plan ahead, and think about the dimensions of your vehicle and what you're ordering.

If you are looking to rent a van or a truck, we recommend the Uhaul, around the corner from our shop. For larger productions, you can talk to Courier Car Rentals and Edge Auto Rentals for vans and trucks.

If you're not sure what vehicle to bring, feel free to ask your rental agent for an estimate. We'll take our best guess from our experience!

Lightbulb does not currently rent vehicles to customers or allow customers to drive our vehicles.

Rental Paperwork

You're gonna love this - There is none. There are no PDF's, no application forms, no clicking furiously, no printing anything out. Zero. We're completely paperless and PDF-Free!

Once you reach out to us to start an order, we will get you a rental quote as quickly as possible. Then we collect all the rest of the info we need from you effortlessly as the order comes together. But we promise we will never make you fill out PDFs, send in PDF credit card forms, or anything of the sort.

If you are representing a company that needs a formal legal review of a rental contract, we can offer a generic copy of the rental contract for review that includes the maximum length contract text. Our rental software dynamically-updates the rental agreement to fit your job (meaning sections are added or removed as appropriate). Since this is algorithmically-generated and we cannot edit it for a single customer on our end, there are no alterations accepted for the rental contract. Please let your legal team know this before they begin their review.


General Questions

Taxes & Paperwork

Insurance Questions

Vehicle & Logisitics Questions

Have more questions? Give us a shout and we'll be happy to help!