NEW! GripPups Puppy Rentals

We rent lighting gear… and now set dogs! 

Lightbulb Grip is introducing a new rental service for 2017 with paws. Starting May 14th, we’ll be partnering with our local animal rescue to offer daily and weekly rentals of furry film-set friends!

NOTE: THESE GripPups ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PROJECTS IN BROOKLYN AND QUEENS. We will be offering wider delivery at a future date.

Medical studies show that dogs are great stress relievers, and we believe there’s a place for them on set. These canines have been specifically trained to handle film set environments and respond to basic commands like ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’, and ‘Get the Set Medic!’ Our premium dogs have been trained for over forty commands, and can be used to replace most basic production assistants and 1st Team PA’s. Wrangling actors, finding actors, getting lunch, and fire-watching vans are all features of even the basic-level pups.

These are working dogs and not actors. For actor/onscreen talent dogs, please contact animal wrangling services like AllStarAnimals or Dawn Animal Agency.

Our dogs are specifically chosen to be hard-working, happy to meet new people, and calm personalities. We guarantee at least 10 hours of consistent work from them before they need a break, and they can sleep anywhere! Most grip teams make a bed for them on the truck.

We only recommend working the dogs in a pattern of one-day-on, one-day-off to let them recharge. Unlike humans, they give their all 100% of the time and burn out a little faster than humans do. We’re happy to send them out for longer shoots, but ask that you take this into account.

Adoption: All of these animals are rescues that have been trained and groomed by our local shelter. If you love one of our GripPups rentals, they are all available for permanent adoption! Speak to your rental technician when you return your GripPup and we’ll be happy to get you the paperwork.

Breed/Rate Breakdown

Rates include food, bowls, shipping crate, leash, poop bags, and the listed commands. All rentals are on a 12-hour day, and dogs cannot be transported in equipment vehicles or outside their carriers.

Premium Tier

Golden Retriever – “Chuck” – 7 Years Old

Great for emotional support, rub-downs, and chasing toys. Chuck comes with an extra tennis ball for playing Fetch! He’s a great dog to park by the truck and say hi when you stop by. He loves meeting new people!

Pitbull – “Genny” 3 Years Old

Genny is a workhorse! She’ll drag header cables around and whatever you can fit around her neck or in her service pouches. Just toss her bone toward where she needs to go! She can also be taught to repeat tasks, so getting sandbags across set is a snap. Loves beef jerky and Cheerios for snacks.

Pitbull – Big Bertie! 2 Years Old

Big Bertie is quite a hefty lady. She’s almost 55lbs! She’s well trained to fetch and move gear, and she can be tied off to an overhead frame as a meatbag. She loves the opportunity to contribute and feel useful. Just came off a big feature and ready for more.

Border Collie – Tonka, 3 Years Old

Wow Tonka is an AD’s best friend! He’s a master background-actor-wrangler with skill and precision. He can move an average of 80 extras 100 ft per minute silently. He uses ankle bites, bull rushes, and growling to get them moving, then keeps pushing the herd until the AD calls stop. Put a walkie in his service pouch, and knows most basic walkie lingo.

Little Morale Boosters

Dachshund – Charles, 4 Years Old 

Charles is not much of a lifter, but oh is he a lover! And a licker, too. He’ll snuggle in anyone’s lap. You’ll be seeing a lot of his belly! He’s an accomplished rat hunter, and can be left alone in the truck (or staging) to root out vermin with enthusiasm.

Schnauzer – Scribbles, 8 Weeks Old

Scribbles is the perfect dog for a scripty’s lap warmer. He’s content to curl up on your notes or your director’s chair. Definitely a chill dog overall. Goes nuts for pieces of bacon at the breakfast tent. Keep an eye on this one so no one sits on him!

Pug – Grunty, 10 years old

Grunty is your quintessential crafty dog. He’s thrilled to chase scraps falling from the snack table. He’s great at digging around under the table cloths & excavating cookie crumbs or pieces of celery with ranch. Not the most charismatic guy, but he’s worked longer than most.

We’ll be adding new dogs seasonally as demand and adoptions change our stock. Please feel free to reach out if you’re looking for a dog to fulfill a specific task, and we can have them trained to suit.

For rentals, see who’s available by contacting us. For dog repair or spare parts, we will connect you with a licensed veterinarian in your local area!

And for all of those who read this far, thanks for taking part in our April Fools project for 2017. No animals were harmed in the creation of this page, but a few got treats. See you next year!