VOLTstack Power Stations

Lightbulb Grip joins Shattered Prism in offering the first truly-portable and self-contained power station solution to the film industry.

Quick Intro: The VOLTstack is a battery electric generator – no fumes, no noise and no excessive costs. Simply flip a switch for silent, emissions-free portable power that you can park right next to a film set. For Film and TV crews, the VOLTstack is revolutionizing the way we power our world.

•  They are offered in 2K and 5K sizes, with a 20K unit coming 2020.
•  Pricing is comparable to existing gasoline generators.
•  Recharge them with optional solar panels for endless power! 

Portable Electric’s VOLTstack Power Stations deliver reliable, instant power whenever and wherever you need it. The VOLTstacks are durable, rugged, and built to survive in hot, cold, wet, and freezing environments.

Lightbulb Grip is the best place to rent VOLTstack Power Stations for Film/TV in the NY Tristate Area. They are available for short and long term rental, but they are not available for sale at this time.

Voltstack 2K Portable Power Station
(Similar size to a Honda EU2000i)
Voltstack 5K Portable Power Station
(Similar size to a Honda EU6500i)

If you are used to working with dirty, smelly generators that are toxic and loud, then the VOLTstack will be a welcome change. The units are simple to understand, simple to transport, completely silent, and simple to operate.

  • Similar Interface: Port configurations on the front of both units are similar to Honda equivalent generators.
  • Similar Pricing: Units rent for comparable rates to Honda generator equivalents (EU2000i and EU6500i)
  • Bates Output: 5K VOLTstack has a 60A/120 Bates Female conversion that ships standard with the unit. (There is no 240v solution yet).
  • Runtime: To find your equipment’s run time, divide the generator’s load limit (2000 or 5000) by the number of watts you need to draw, and it will tell you available runtime in hours. Here is a runtime chart with common lamps to quickly estimate: VOLTstack Runtime Chart
  • Extending Runtime: We rent the units as singles or in pairs to help productions get through their shoot day with switching them out. We also rent solar solutions that will recharge the VOLTstacks live, during use.
  • Solar Panels: VOLTstacks are a completely green solution, which means the power in the battery is from green sources as well. During storage between rentals, VOLTstacks are charged with Solar energy. The solar panels are portable, and are available for rental with the VOLTstack units as well for a small fee.
  • Recharging Time for 5K Unit: If you are recharging during your shoot, a standard house outlet will charge the VOLTstack 5K in 5 hours. If you have a 30A outlet (or two 15a outlets on different circuits), then you can cut that recharge time to 2.5hrs.
  • Recharging Time for 2K Unit: A household outlet will recharge the 2K VOLTstack in 2.5hrs.

Spec sheet on VOLTstack 2K

Spec Sheet on VOLTstack 5K

Spec Sheet on SUNstack 200 (Solar Accessories)

VOLTstack Runtime Chart

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