The Work Safe Kit


A Commitment to The Crew.

When we look at the clients that come in to rent equipment, David and I are seeing a need for support for indie crews. When you look around the current marketplace, very few companies are supporting the people behind the gear.

Weekly, we hear stories of crew injuries, unexpected rain, slips and falls, hypothermia (“my fingers were totally blue!”) and all the stories that ended with“… I cant believe they survived!” They’re harrowing tales of filmmakers who are hopped up on a “Get it done whatever the cost” mentality, spurred on by producers and directors chasing an artistic goal.

As much fun as those stories are to tell, the larger concern is that they all have humans behind them. These injury stories happen to friends and coworkers. We feel that there are simple ways to prevent those situations from happening… to keep the crew from being in those situations in the first place.

With that idea in mind, we’ve been working for the past few months to create a reusable survival kit, a way to help encourage safe working practices, and a place that creates a reliable safety net. There are a collection of 28 simple items like safety glasses, ear plugs, dust masks, and rain ponchos that can dramatically increase quality of life during work hours, and bring down workplace injuries in the long term.

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What’s in the Work Safe Kit? 28 High-Grade Parts:

This is our First Edition Jet Black kit, and it contains the following 28 items:

• 1 Basic First Aid Kit
• 2 Antibacterial Wipes
• 1 Ben’s Insect Repellant Wipe (seasonal)
• 1 Pair Purple Nitrile Gloves (for First Aid)
• 1 Packet Burn Cream
• 1 4oz Bottle Liquid Hand Sanitizer
• 1 Tylenol Extra Strength – 2 pack
• 1 Gatorade Packet Dry Mix 1.3oz – Makes 3 Bottles
• 1 Mylar Hypothermia Blanket (seasonal)
• 1 Green Emergency Rain Poncho
• 1 Pair of Corded Orange Earplugs
• 2 Blue Protective Over-Shoe Booties
• 2 Dust Masks
• 1 Pair Clear Safety Glasses
• 1 Pair Hand Warmers (OR) 1 Instant Cold Pack (seasonal)
• 2 Sunscreen SPF 30 Packets (seasonal)
• 1 Sharpie, 1 Bic Pen
• 2 Tampax Tampons
• 5 – 10″ Zip Ties

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Focusing the ‘Panic’ During Emergencies

Another critical moment that few crew are prepared for is what to do after someone else gets hurt. Who do you tell? What are the best things to do to help?

We created a simple panel of emergency advice that was gathered from publications by 6 different medical professional groups (including The American Heart Association,, Mayo Clinic, American Medical Association)*. It’s laid out for easy reading, quick solutions, and all of the boxes lead to the same thing: Call 911. If you’re not sure, Call 911. It’s something crew members seem to forget to do.

When we interviewed professional crew members who have experienced these situations on set before, the most common answer to asking about why they didn’t call 911 was that “These things don’t happen to [crew]! It can’t be as bad as it seems.” We hope that this will help change that mentality on set.

One Kit Comes FREE with Every Rental

Starting May 2016, Lightbulb Grip & Electric is sending out FREE “WORK-SAFE” KITS WITH EVERY RENTAL** for you to keep. Give it to your gaffer, or your DP, or your best boy on the truck. Keep it, use it, share it, and tell us when you need a refill.

First aid bandages, electrolyte packs, antihistamine, safety goggles, dust masks… these are some of the 28 simple things that can make a big difference in a pinch.

Free refills at the warehouse. Just give us a call and come on by! ***

Purchase The Work Safe Kit Online

For all of you that are outside our rental area, or are looking to give one as a gift, please check out the Paypal link below to pick one up. We will happily ship a Work Safe Kit to any crew member, anywhere in the world.

Purchase Work Safe Kit:

Please work safely.
We hope you find the kit helpful.
… and we also hope you never need to use it.

If you find yourself needing to use it, please email and let us know how it went. Was there something missing? Let us know how we can improve!

*Copying published data from these entities is not intended to imply endorsement (by the entities listed) of Lightbulb Grip or any products Lightbulb Grip has created in the past or future. Lightbulb Grip is only reprinting publicly-assessable data, edited for length, with no interaction with any of the entities listed.
** Free kit with Rentals that have a pre-tax total of $700+. For smaller rentals, we offer the kits for a discounted price of $25 at checkout.
*** Refills are only available for in-person pickups at the warehouse (930 Grand St, Brooklyn NY 11211) by anyone who’s holding a Lightbulb Grip Work Safe Kit, regardless of how old or who gave it to you. We cannot mail refills at this time.